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BUSINESS in a BOX Start-up Essentials is a high quality, cost-effective solution providing new companies with their own, individually designed package of business essentials. Taking the risks, chance, delays and frustration out of getting what you need NOW!

Logo design (two logo ideas + three revisions) $350 + GST
Business card design $80 + GST
1000 business cards + 100 colours stickers $265 + GST
Postcard design $80 + GST
500 full colour double sided postcards $270 + GST
Colour flyer design $90 + GST
500 A5 size colour flyers $260 + GST
Professionally written press release for publicity $355 + GST
Total Value $1,750 + GST
Your Price $1,000 + GST
Total Savings $750 + GST

PLUS: a full list of service companies a start-up business may need straightaway - PRICELESS!