Advance Printing & Signs began back in 1996 but our story really starts several years earlier….

Our co-founder, David Ji, carved out a successful career as a sales executive in Australia, where he worked for a major international printing company with its base in Hong Kong. It was here that he was tasked with additionally getting smaller print jobs done using local printing companies. And that’s when the problems started.

Small local printers were incredibly unreliable, often delivering poor quality printwork and a slapdash service. Not to mention David had to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to coordinate printworks and signage suppliers as no-one offered everything all under one roof. The result was rising costs and stress levels.

David had reached his breaking point, realizing that the only way to discover a trustworthy company for printing and signage, one that consistently delivered on time, cost-effectively, and with meticulous standards, was to create it from the ground up. His partner wholeheartedly agreed, and thus, Advance Printing & Signs came to life.

Today, David continues to ensure high-quality results are always delivered to customers by keeping a close eye on every stage of the production process. You may even find David on-site during your signage installation. Attention to detail lies at the heart of Advance Printing & Signs.