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Think of promotional clothing and materials as a considered form of marketing rather than an expense. Whilst it is difficult to measure response to some promotional products, there are five key reasons that they work for business…

Increased brand visibility: If you choose the right product, it will stay with them. It will be in their cars, offices, or homes for a long time. Six out of 10 people who get promo merchandise keep it for two years.

According to Marketing Sherpa’s research, 71.6% of people who received promotional merchandise were able to remember the name of the company that gave it to them. This is significantly higher than receiving a business card.

Promotional materials are effectively cheap tools with daily exposure – the pen that sits on the desk, the mug that holds that much needed coffee six times a day – and they increase loyalty, people get attached to the brand.

And, 85% of people who receive promotional merchandise do business with the advertiser afterward. Not a bad investment return, is it?

According to Go Promotional, if these five reasons aren’t enough for you to give promotional products a shot, here are some more mind-blowing numbers:

Out of people who receive your promotional merchandise, 79% will research your brand. 9 out of 10 people remember the branding, 8 out of 10 remember your message, and 7 out of 10 remember a call to action. Promotional products are ranked number one most effective way of advertising for fast reaction among all ages. 7 out of 10 brands find that promotional merchandise is almost always effective in achieving their marketing goals.

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