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Direct Mail

Customers today are overwhelmed with digital messaging, which is why direct mail can make such a strong impact. It’s tangible and long-lasting. It will linger in your target customers’ homes, keeping your brand front of mind. With our custom direct mail printing, you can make sure that your direct mail is eye-catching and memorable and ultimately helps convert your leads into customers.


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How to Create Standout Direct Mail

Saving Money On Direct Mail Services

Compared to a television, radio, or print campaign, a direct mail campaign can be very affordable while still yielding good results for your business. The cost of your direct mail services will depend on what you are mailing and how many people you want to send your direct mail piece to.

Saving Money On Direct Mail Services

You don't have to sacrifice your message to save money on your direct mail printing. Here are some tips to help you stretch your direct mail budget.

  • Reduce the number of pieces in your direct mailing. A simple postcard will bless expensive to print and mail than a traditional direct mail package with a letter, brochure, order form, and return envelope. Where can you trim down your direct mailing?
  • Use full four-color process printing only where necessary. A clothing retailer may need to print pieces in full color; another company may not. Talk to your printing professional about other options that may be more affordable
  • Stick to standard weights and sizes. An oversized or extra thick brochure will cost more to print and mail than a piece that is a standard size and weight. A smaller, lighter direct mailing will also cost less in postage!
  • Make your mailing list and check it twice. Make sure there are no duplicates and that all addresses have all the necessary information there.
  • Trim your mailing list down. Rather sending to a thousand decent prospects, narrow your list down to one hundred strong prospects.
  • Help the post office by ordering your mail. Putting your mailing in order of postal code can make you eligible for postage discounts in some places. At the very least, it will help ensure that your mailing is sorted quickly
  • Have someone in your business write the copy and create the design. This can save you from having to pay for graphic design and copy writing services.
  • Are you sending a very small mailing? Addressing your mailing by hand adds a personal touch and can save you money on printing envelopes or labels.

The one thing you really can't skimp on is postage. If your message has a timeline, you don't want your customers to get the notice after the deadline has passed! The cheapest mailing method usually takes the longest to arrive. Using a direct mail service has an advantage here -- direct mail services often pay for permits that get your company postage discounts. Even with a discount, you can expect postage to account for approximately one third of your total direct mail costs.

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