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Light boxes are widely recognised as one of the most effective advertising mediums available. Promotional posters and corporate signage—which utilises the combination of illumination and color—are far more likely to catch a potential customer’s eye than a non-illuminated poster or sign would do.

Market research has shown that illuminated advertising attracts a much higher customer footfall, enables quicker customer processing, and offers a significant increase in sales compared to non-illuminated advertising.

So, what is it you are wanting to promote? Let Advance Printing & Signs help you design and print posters for light boxes that engage your customers and entice them in.


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How to Create Standout Light Boxes

Light Boxes are great for busy business areas to attract attention to your brand or promotion. They can be seen from a great distance and everyone notices your business at a glance.

Light box displays including freestanding, ceiling hanging and wall/roof mounted. Light boxes can be single or double sided depending on placement of sign. At Advance Printing & Signs, we supply and install light boxes in all formats, from menu board display system, to slimline light boxes for retail display, double sided under awning light boxes, illuminated letters, numbers, or logos.

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