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Traditional forms of marketing such as leaflets or flyers can be just effective in your marketing mix as digital options. Especially as a start-up or a business that attends events, a leaflet sends your customers the right message and delivers your brand to an area or a selected demographic to effectively target the customers it suits.

Why not add a leaflet into the bag with every product you sell to promote other things you offer? Add a leaflet to a presentation folder so your potential client has details to hand. Distribute leaflets around the local area to drum up business... There are so many uses for these versatile forms of marketing.


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How to Create Standout Flyers & Leaflets

Ten Ways To Make Your Flyer Printing Stand Out

Flyers are economical, effective, easy to store, and easy to distribute.  That makes them one of the most successful and affordable marketing tools available!  It also means lots of people are going to be printing flyers.  So how do you make yours stand out?

Let’s start with the basics:  flyer size.  If you want to keep costs down and minimize paper waste, you should stick to one of the standard sizes.  There are four standard sizes for flyer printing:

  • A4 size (297 by 210mm)
  • A5 size (148.5 by 210mm)
  • A6 size (148.5 by 105mm)
  • DL size (99 by 210mm)

Using the standard flyer sizes, you can print on one or both sides.  One of the most popular choices is A4 size because it is very versatile.  You can leave it flat, fold it vertically to DL size (to fit standard envelopes) or fold it horizontally to create four pages of A5 size.

Once you’ve decided on the flyer printing size, you can ponder design and colours.  Your choices with colour are broad, ranging from just one colour to premium full colour finish on a heavier weight, high gloss coated stock.  Full colour printing makes a huge impact and can help increase customer response to your marketing message.  But your colour choice depends a lot on your design and your printing budget.

If you’re ready to create high impact flyers that catch people’s attention and stand out from the rest, try these ten tips.

  1. Know your market and your customers.  Every product has an ideal customer.  Who is yours?  Talk to your prospects and your current customers to get an idea of your perfect customer.  What else is going on in your market?  Who are your main competitors?  How are you better or unique?
  2. Decide on the purpose of your flyer.  Knowing your message and tone ahead of time will help make your flyer design work for you.
  3. Make your message loud and clear with a powerful, benefit filled headline.  The headline accounts for as much as 80% of the success of any marketing effort.  If your headline doesn’t attract the customer’s attention, your message isn’t going to stand out.  Need help writing a powerful headline?  Talk to your printing professional.
  4. Give your readers the information they need.  Tell your prospects what they need to know; you don’t have to be afraid of long copy!  Just make sure your flyer printing design has plenty of white space to help guide the eye from one point to the next.  Don’t cram your flyer too full -- if it looks busy or cluttered, your message can be lost.
  5. Make sure all images contribute to your marketing message.  Use pictures that can describe your business better than words -- and be sure to caption all pictures.  Studies have shown that picture captions are one of the most-read parts of any printed piece.
  6. Encourage your customers to respond.  Give specific instructions for your prospects and customers to follow.  Do you want them to visit your website?  Contact you by phone?  Use an attached coupon for a discount or free service?  You can also encourage customer response, by making your offer risk free -- guarantee satisfaction and they have nothing to lose by trying your product!
  7. Design your flyer professionally.  If you’ve never done any design before, talk to your printer for advice -- a knowledgeable printer will be able to give you a hand.  Flyer design takes skill, creativity, and experience if you want to create a flyer to outshine the competition.
  8. Choose a responsible and knowledgeable printer.  An experienced commercial printer can offer you compelling graphic design (if you need the help), optimum printing quality, a fast project turnaround, and competitive prices.
  9. Print enough flyers.  Many people will end up throwing your printed piece away.  The more you print, the more areas you can cover and the more chance you have of making a sale.  Just be sure you test your marketing message before you commit to a large quantity of flyers!
  10. Be creative in your distribution.  Post your flyers in shops or public places, hand them out personally at events, distribute them by mail, place them in letterboxes or under doors, insert them into a company presentation folder, give them out at trade shows, send them with invoices and statements… the possibilities are endless!


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