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Whether you need an A4 poster to promote an event or window display in an estate agents for example or wide format print posters for bus shelters, shops and high footfall areas, we can help.


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How to Create Standout Wide Format & Posters

Make A Huge Impression With Wide Format Printing

Are you ready to get EVERYONE’S attention?  It’s time to think about wide format printing.

With the digital printing technology available these days, it’s a snap for commercial printers to create pieces of any size -- up to a massive 4.5 meters wide with unlimited length, and wide format printing isn’t just big!  Wide format printing offers outstanding image quality, a fast turnaround time, the ability to print on a variety of materials for indoor and outdoor use, affordability, and the ability to print on demand.

Think you can’t use wide format printing?  Think again.  Wide format printing has almost endless applications.  If you’ll be at a tradeshow, event, or exhibit, wide format printing can get your message out at a distance.  Having a promotion or training event?  Use wide format printing for your promotional messages, information sheets, and flip charts.  Want to spruce up your store?  Think about point of purchase and retail signs.  Celebrating a milestone?  Wide format printing is perfect for party banners, photo enlargements, and art reproductions.  Making a big donation to a local charity?  Make your gift stand out on a giant check.  Wide format printing can be used to create indoor and outdoor lightboxes, backlit applications, and so much more.

Are you ready for more advantages of wide format printing?

  • You aren’t restricted to text only -- letters and graphics together create a striking, attention grabbing effect.
  • Digital images can be reproduced in different sizes to suit all your printing needs.
  • A huge size range, up to 3.2 meters wide.
  • Cost effective for low volumes (between one and fifty) so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on mass production you don’t need.
  • The bigger your ad is, the more people it can reach -- size DOES matter in advertising!


It takes two to make your wide format printing project go smoothly:  your printing professional and YOU.  Here are some things you can do to help your commercial printer with your project.

  1. Supply original images to avoid difficulties that can arise when enlarging embedded graphics.
  2. Scan your graphics at the right resolution.  Your commercial printer may have specific requirements for scanned graphics; as a general rule of thumb, scan your graphics at 100 dpi.  If the images are scanned at a higher than necessary resolution, the print times go up with little change in print quality.
  3. Supply files for special fonts used or convert fonts to outlines/curves to avoid missing font problems.  Your printer may not have all the same fonts you have!
  4. Create your files in CMYK mode, rather than RGB mode.  CMYK mode is what the project will actually be printed in!
  5. If your project has areas of solid black colour, be sure to define black as C=10 M=10 Y=10 K=100.  This will avoid banding.
  6. Talk to your printing professional about the right ink for the job.  If your wide format printing piece will be in direct sunlight, high humidity, or tough weather conditions, you may want to request UV resistant ink.  UV inks are sun and water resistant, and offer outdoor image durability without the additional cost of lamination.
  7. Use the right coating to avoid reflection.  Matte finish papers and matte laminations can minimize reflections if your wide format printing pieces will be displayed under harsh light.
  8. Don’t forget the finishing touches.  You can enhance your wide format prints with framing, glossy or matte lamination, or mounting onto different board types like PVC, acrylic, coreflute, fibreboard, or foamcore board.  These finishing touches can improve appearance and increase durability!  Lamination can also protect your printed piece from dust, scratches, fingerprints, and water.
  9. There are many different display systems available.  If you’re having an exhibition, trade show, or conference, you might want to look into pop-up display systems, pull up retractable banner stands, and modular exhibition stands.  Any of these popular display systems will give your company a very professional look no matter where you go.


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