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Stickers can be used in a multitude of ways in business, from sealing little packages, rewarding customers and children and identifying sale products and discounts to complying with health and safety regulations.

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How to Create Standout Stickers & Labels

How To Get The Most From Your Sticker Printing Saving You Time and Money

Looking for an easy way to boost your branding? Our custom sticker options let you add your logo, company name or business images to packages, promotional materials, mail and more, and you will love the results stickers can bring to your business! Handing out stickers creates a mobile advertising force for your company, but spending money on sticker printing isn’t going to pay off if your stickers end up in the trash.

  • Give people a reason to display your stickers.Perhaps you can offer a free gift to people who drive up with your bumper sticker on the car. Radio stations do this with great success -- it gives an added element of excitement to your promotional sticker printing. Ask your customers to send you pictures of how and where they used their stickers -- you can use the pictures on your website or in the store and offer prizes for creativity.
  • Variety is the spice of life! Offer two or three different designs or slogans to give your customers the chance to pick the one they are most likely to keep and display. Someone who hates blue may love (and display) the exact same sticker in green.
  • Place a coupon on the back of your custom printed stickers. If you don’t have copy on the back of your sticker, you are wasting half your advertising space! Print a coupon or discount offer on the back of your stickers -- it gives your customers a good reason to hang onto them. For added excitement, you can have several different discounts on your stickers: some that are 5% off, some that are 10% off, and a few that offer larger discounts.
  • Place a survey on the back of your custom printed stickers. If you’re looking to build your customer database, a survey is a great way to do it! Make the back of your sticker a contest entry blank. After your customers find a place for their stickers, they can enter to win!
  • Use the back of your sticker as a place to talk about your other products and services. Think of it as a miniature billboard! The custom printed sticker gets the attention; the back of the sticker can give more information.
  • Sell or trade the back of your sticker printing to a related company. If you own a golf pro shop, for example, you may want to partner up with a golf magazine. They can put subscription information on the back of your stickers and you both will benefit from the exposure!
  • Make your sticker printing both promotional and useful -- print emergency phone numbers on your sticker, for example. A tagline like: “Courtesy of Your Business Name Here” puts your business name before the eyes of your customers every time they go for the phone.
  • Keep the size down. Research shows that the most successful stickers are sixteen square inches or less.
  • Think outside the box.Die-cutting your custom printed stickers into interesting shapes makes them more visually attractive -- so they’ll get more attention. A sticker that isn’t square or rectangular has a better chance of being displayed.
  • Be generous.Keep enough stickers on hand so that you can give one to everybody at the trade show, street fair, or promotional event. With more expensive promo items (like pens, key chains, or cups) you may not have enough to be generous. If you can give a sticker to everyone, they’ll leave happy and have a good feeling about you and your company.



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