Professionally printed menus can do so much for your restaurant, café, take-away or catering business. Not only do they represent your brand for greater customer recognition and familiarity, you can use them to highlight higher profit dishes, make the occasion more memorable and of course, maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene by replacing menus after each table is cleared. They also can improve your customer experience by detailing allergy information and printed menus make great giveaways with each order to help generate repeat business.


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How to Create Standout Menus

Getting The Most Benefit From Menu Printing

People come into your restaurant. They eat. They pay. They leave. It’s simple… right? You can make your restaurant menu printing work for you, by drawing customers to your most popular and profitable items. The right menu design can boost your sales by up to ten percent -- that means a big difference in the success of your food service company.

Try some of these tips to get the most benefit from your menu printing.

  • Use descriptive, well conceived titles. Don’t just call them salads; name the section “Fresh From the Garden” or “Nature’s Bounty”. Use adjectives in your menu printing to evoke images and tastes, like “Brick Oven Pizza” and “Flame Broiled Hamburgers”.
  • Place the more profitable menu items in certain spots. People are more likely to pick the first or last menu item in a section. Place your most popular and profitable items in these menu spots and watch them really move.
  • Page positioning is everything. On a tri-fold menu, people tend to look at the centre panel first. In two-page menu printing, people tend to look at the top right hand side. Put your high profit items in those spots to help increase your sales.
  • Make your special items stand out with boxes. Putting a box around a special offering will help bring it to your customers’ attention. Depending on the size and number of items on your menu, you can highlight every seven to ten items. Bold lettering can work to highlight special items, too.
  • Advertise your low fat or heart healthy items. People are trying to be more health conscious these days. Attract attention to your healthy menu items with special icons OR create a special menu section just for the health nuts. Don’t be shy about mentioning calories or fat content to help your customers make a smart choice.
  • Advertise your most popular items with a miniature company logo. Use your logo to draw the eye to your house specials. If it has your logo nearby, your customers will know that this is the only restaurant in town to serve that particular item. Remember, your menu printing is also a form of branding and advertising -- get your name and logo on every page!
  • Don’t let your customers get lost in the translation. If you’re serving exotic items, make sure you translate any words your customers may not know.
  • Know your customers. If your diners are mostly fifty and older, keep the font large enough for easy reading. Feeding families? Make your menu printing fun and exciting with lots of colors and graphic elements.
  • Know your restaurant. Are you a romantic café for couples? Make sure your menu font is large enough to be read in the romantically dim light. Do you offer the utmost in fine dining? Keep your menu printing simple yet tasteful -- and print it on high quality paper stock.
  • Use inserts to promote your brand. Big name chain restaurants do this with their limited time menu items, specialty drinks, and more. Before they even reach the “regular” menu, your customers must flip through the inserts featuring limited time offers that are only available at your restaurant. Feature full color pictures and mouthwatering descriptions of your specialty items for added impact.

There are so many ways to maximize the potential and profit from your custom printed menus! Explore further Hot Tips For Getting The Most From Your Menu Printing.

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