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One of the easiest and quickest ways for you to communicate with your customers  is the use of a complimentary slip. The traditional comp slip is a professional way of acknowledging, and communicating with, your valued customers or clients whilst adding a personal touch. A less formal way of writing to a client than on a letterhead, but just as effective for the right situation.


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How to Create Standout With Compliments Slips

Are you sending out requested material, a brochure, or a coupon? A with compliments slip is a great way to let the recipient know where the material came from. You won't see these printed items very often inside the United States, but in the rest of the world, a with compliments slip is a business printing necessity!

A with compliments slip is most often used as an accompaniment to printed materials that may not have your company name, logo, or contact information. Including a with compliments slip gives your customers the opportunity to associate your company with the materials they just received. Adding a personal note to the with compliments slip gives a memorable personal touch.

Getting the most from your with compliments slip printing:

  • Always include the same information you would put on a business card -­company name, your name, address, phone number, web site, telephone number, email, and other information. But you don't have to make it huge. A little text across the top or bottom or in a corner is enough.
  • Leave plenty of white space for a personal note. Don't fill the with compliments slip with writing or images. You don't have to use the largest font possible for the words "with compliments".
  • Take the time to include a personal note on the with compliments slip -- your clients and potential customers will appreciate the personal touch.
  • Be creative in your color choices. Brightly colored paper (that coordinates with your company colors) will stand out to your customers.
  • Be creative in paper shape or texture. Unusual paper and any shape that isn't square or rectangular will stand out to your customers.

A with compliments slip is generally printed on the same paper stock you use for your letterhead -- but your printer may have other options for you to choose from. You want to pick paper, font, and wording that represent the image you have chosen for your business. As a general rule of thumb, look for paper stock between 80gsm and 115gsm (between 20 and 31 pounds) for your with compliments slips.

When to use a with compliments slip:

  • Enclose a with compliments slip with any requested materials: brochures, flyers, portfolios, or other printed materials.
  • Enclose a with compliments slip with any coupons or discount offers you send.
  • Enclose a with compliments slip with any order you send, thanking the customer for their business.
  • Enclose a with compliments slip with any freebies you send out.
  • Enclose a with compliments slip with any samples you send out.


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