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Get your brand and message out there with tailormade bookmarks. Whenever someone picks up their book, they’ll get a little reminder of your business and exceptional services — it’s an affordable way to keep your brand front of mind with customers. Plus, with the right card stock, clever design to maximise the space, and double-sided printing, you can make quite the impact and get more customers coming back to you.


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How to Create Standout Bookmarks

Bookmarks aren't just for book stores! Printed bookmarks are an affordable way to make sure everyone knows about your product or services. With bookmark printing, you don't have to worry about postage costs and mailing lists -- you can just hand out your bookmarks. These affordable giveaways

Essential Elements For Bookmark Printing

The type of paper you choose is one way to determine the life of your bookmark. If you don't need your bookmarks to last, you can always print on basic letter/A4 paper. However, if you'd like your customers and potential clients to be able to reuse the bookmark, you should probably use a heavier paper stock. Glossy paper (or paper with a glossy coating) is durable and eye-catching because it's shiny. Thicker paper will resist ripping and stay in shape longer. Your printing professional can help you choose a bookmark paper that won't bust your budget.

With bookmark printing, you have only a very little space for your marketing message. Make sure you get the important things out there:

  • Your business name! The whole point of bookmark printing is to spread the word about your business, store, or services.
  • Your contact information. That includes your store or office address, web site, phone number, email address, and fax number. Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.
  • A few key points about your business or service. Remember, space is limited on a bookmark. You may only have room to focus on one product, service, or event! Before you start designing your bookmark, it's a good idea to list all the things you might like to include in order of importance -- this way, you won't leave out something you really wanted to include.
  • A small graphic will help draw attention to your bookmark and move the reader's eye through the text -- but don't just have a graphic for graphic's sake. Pick an image that supports your message.

Double-sided printing will give you a little extra space for information, if you just can't narrow your focus to one item, service, or event.

Want to encourage more responses to your bookmark printing? Your bookmark can double as a coupon for a free gift, a complimentary consultation, or a discount on purchases. Slip a bookmark in with every purchase to encourage customers to keep coming back


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