Corflute Signs

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SAMPLE Corflute Signs


Corflute Signs

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage, corflute is meets your needs for short term ad campaigns or informational signage. Due to it being lightweight and weather resistant, industries such as real estate, construction and events use corflute frequently.


How to Create Standout Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are designed from plastic, commonly called plastic cardboard due to the corrugated effect when viewed on a cut side. The signs are used for everything from election campaigns to real estate sales. They are easy to write on with marker and can be made to almost any size. Corflute signs are cost effective, though temporary, making them perfect for events and other temporary functions. They come in 3mm of 5mm thicknesses; areas of high wind or in climate, weather should select the thicket board to prevent mangling.

Printing on corflute signs can be done by screen-printing, however digital is more common. Screen-printing is best for small orders and is done by layering colors to gain the desired effect, much as a magazine or tee-shirt is. Digital printing is done via a large-scale printer; this allows detail to be places on many signs very quickly. Die-cut printing is also used on corflute signs, however many places do not offer this as it is cost ineffective and similar results are achieved by screen-printing.

Corflute signs have many uses; they are limited only by your imagination. They can be placed most anywhere, due to their thin nature they can be affixed to any structure by nails. Posted in a yard using posts or even hung up using attached grommets. Schools and charities often use these signs for yearly events, by only using them for a few weeks per year you can have the same sign for decades. UV protection in the ink insures that your sign will look just as vivid on its last day of use as it did on the first.

These signs can last from six months to several years. It depends on the location, conditions as well as if they are used continually or only periodically. We require no minimum order; however, bulk orders receive deep discounts. Your design should be in PDF. Format, we have design specialists onsite to help with your design or format as needed. Whether you are advertising, a prawn barbie or a sale of some kind corflute signs can get your message across is a durable yet cheap manner.

If corflute signs do not fit your needs look around, we offer solutions to all your signage needs. If you are unsure of what you need give us a call and our experts will guide you to the best solution for your project.



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