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Your guests will want to say yes when they see your custom-printed invitation. With clever design and professional printing, your invitation can be both informative and creative. So whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a personal celebration, choose our custom-printed invitations to make a great impression on your invited guests.


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How to Create Standout Invitations

Getting The Most Benefit From Your Invitation Printing

Custom printed invitations give you a chance to be creative AND informative. You can create a certain theme and personality for your party long before the actual day of the event. These tips will help you get the most benefit from your invitation printing.

  • As soon as you know the date, time, and place, start working on your invitations! Ideally, you should mail out your invitations four to six weeks ahead of your event. That means working on your invitation printing as soon as possible!
  • Use your invitation to help convey the theme of your event. Having a luau themed cookout? Pick a card that features palm trees, sandy beaches, or exotic flowers. The text can also bring personality and individuality to your invitation printing.
  • Print the directions and a map on the back of your invitation card. You'll make it easy for your guests to keep the date, time, and directions handy! Remember, giving out useful information is your primary purpose in invitation printing.
  • Want to use a dark colored paper for your invitation printing? You can. Red, for example, looks great with black ink in a bold font. Metallic inks are also available for dark colored papers, though it can be difficult to gauge visibility. Ask your printer for recommendations -- they are the experts!
  • Use the internet for research. You can find plenty of online invitation designs out there that can give you an idea of what you want to do and how you want your card to look.
  • Be open to suggestions. Your printer will help you with design, wording, font, and color scheme for your invitation printing. They will have several different types of paper and envelopes to choose from.
  • Make sure you have the correct name and address for your guests. Even a tiny error (like reversing the numbers in a street address) can mean a delay in delivery -- or an invitation that never makes it to your potential guest! Including your return address on the envelope will ensure that any mistakes come back to you… so at least you'll know if your message never made it.
  • Know how you'll be addressing your envelopes. It is traditional to hand write your guests' address on the envelope but… if your handwriting isn't up to snuff, you may need another option. Friends and family members with good penmanship can be enlisted to help you write out envelopes; divide up your guest list among a few people to make the task easier.
  • Think you'll be needing thank you notes? Order them at the same time you order your invitations so they will all match. Be sure to order extras in case you make mistakes.
  • Make sure you have the correct postage! Odd-sized envelopes may require extra postage. Take your completed invitation package (in the envelope) to the post office to be weighed so you know exactly what postage you need.


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