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Create the right impression - in fact, create an impression! When your letter or direct marketing drops through your customers letterbox, you want them to stop and take note, to open your envelope first. Make sure it looks professionally addressed, is coloured (if not a formal document) and if you are doing a large run, we can help you mail merge and print your envelopes quickly and cost effectively.


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How to Create Standout Envelopes

How To Get The Most Benefit From Envelope Printing

Want to make a great first impression on new customers? Want to have your repeat customers open YOUR mailing first?

Custom envelopes can make a strong impression, whether it is your first exposure or your hundredth. A unified stationery package -- including custom printed envelopes -- can help your brand stick with everyone who sees it. Use these tips to get even more from your envelope printing.

  • Make your envelopes stand out somehow. Use coloured paper instead of white. Add a note to the front -- many computer fonts can mimic handwriting.
  • Let your customers know what’s inside, if it is something really special.Adding a line like “open now for a free no-risk consultation” or “free gift enclosed” to your envelope printing might just move your envelope to the top of the mail pile.
  • When printing addresses, be sure to use a large enough font. Post offices are starting to use scanning equipment to help sort mail. If the font is too small, the sorter may not be able to “read” the address. Use larger labels and keep the font size above 8 point. Between eleven and fourteen point is recommended.
  • Try to avoid using graphics or images behind the destination address.Just like a tiny font can cause problems with scanning equipment, so can background filling behind the address. Try to place your images elsewhere on your envelope, or be certain that your ink and your background filling are in contrast.
  • Use handling labels to call attention to your envelope. You can make or buy your own “Fragile” or “Handle With Care” labels to draw your recipients’ attention to your envelope. “Photos Enclosed - Do Not Bend” and “Requested Material” can help lift your package to the top of the mail stack.
  • Make sure your logo effectively represents your business and your personality. It should describe your business at a glance.
  • Keep things simple. Don’t use too many fonts or too many type effects (like bold or italics) in your envelope printing, but make sure you check out the Ten Essential Elements For The Printing Of Your Envelopes.
  • Add a tag line to your logo. This will help explain what you do -- repetition of the slogan will help your customers make the connection between your logo and your tag line whenever they see either one.
  • Follow up on your mailing within a few weeks. You want to try to connect with potential customers while your brand and message are still fresh in their minds.
  • Target your mailing list.

Try sending a mailing only to people who have bought your product or used your services two or more times -- offer them a loyalty discount. Try sending a mailing to people who haven’t bought in the last six months -- offer a special gift or discount to bring them back. This makes your envelope printing more efficient and hopefully gets you more results.

  • Make your mailing personal. Don’t address it to “Postal Customer” or “Resident” -- that is the fastest way to get your envelope printing delivered into the trash can. Use names.
  • Try some sort of tracking mechanism, so you know which efforts are getting responses and which aren’t. Separate your mailings by colour, or give each mailing a different coupon code. This will help you know which mailings are generating interest and which aren’t.


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