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Vinyl Stickers & Decals

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How to Create Standout Vinyl Stickers & Decals

How to Pick Quality Outdoor Stickers

Outdoor stickers come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. You can attach them to the bumper of your car, to your motorbike, your outdoor tools and equipment, or even your bedroom windows. Sometimes they have practical uses, such as labeling air conditioning units, other times they just display your personality. Outdoor stickers are meant to show the world your personal tastes, your sports team, your political belief, or whatever bumps into your mind. They can be humorous, philosophical, religious, or just look awesome.

But, after carefully selecting your design and picking a good spot to attach them, nothing is more disappointing than seeing your favorite outdoor sticker fade and get ruined after just a couple of weeks of ugly weather! What should you take into account the next time you buy one? Here we will tell you how to pick quality outdoor stickers.

  • Make sure they are 100% vinyl: This is the best material, and the only one that will last through tough weather conditions, such as rain, wind or sunlight. Remember that outdoor stickers are always exposed.
  • Check out for UV Protection: Sunlight has a destructive effect on the ink of your outdoor stickers. That is why manufacturers provide UV protection for extra quality. This way, you won’t see the colors fade so quickly. The many coats of UV protection they have, the longer the colors of your unique design will last.
  • Do they offer moneyback warranty? If a manufacturer is ready to give your money back in case you are not fully satisfied with the product, that can only mean they know chances are you will be satisfied!

By paying attention to those details, you will find best quality outdoor stickers that are truly meant to last!


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