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Make a splash with custom-printed posters that instantly grab the attention of passersby. Professionally printed posters offer a great way to promote your business in the real-world instead of the marketing-saturated digital world, whether you want to push your great services or spread the word about your next event.


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How to Create Standout Posters

Ten Quick Tips For Poster Printing

  1. Use the right stock. Posters are usually printed on 150gsm, 170gsm coated paper stock
  2. Pick the right size. How far away will your viewers be? A poster on the door to your store can be smaller -- say A4 (letter) size -- because your reader will be right on top of it. A poster on the side of a building may need to be much, much bigger.
  3. Catch your viewer's attention fast. Unlike a direct mail piece or a magazine ad, a poster is designed to be seen and understood quickly.
  4. Make your font readable at a distance. The smallest font you should use is 16 pt. Try to stick to 30 pt type and bigger for ultimate readability! The most important piece of information should be in the largest type size.
  5. Use a neutral background so your graphics and text are easy to see.
  6. For best visibility, use contrasting colors for text and background -- black text on a white background, or white text on a dark-coloured background.
  7. Get the important details out there. If your poster is advertising an event, get the date, time, and location on there.
  8. Use a balanced design. A symmetrical design is easier for the eye to follow from one point to another.
  9. Sketch or design a rough layout to give you an idea of how your finished product will look.
  10. Break up the text with graphics. Your viewers might not have enough time to read every word on the poster; white space and meaningful images will help the eye flow from one important detail to another.



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