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Should you have your company vehicle or fleet sign written? For any business that travels, a brilliantly designed wrap on a company vehicle is an effective, relatively inexpensive advertising device. Think of it as a mobile billboard!

Whether you’re an independent trader, a deli or restaurant, or health and safety officer, a quick and easy way of spreading your brand to a large-scale audience is to travel to and from appointments in a vehicle that’s been furnished with professionally designed, eye-catching graphics and a memorable logo.


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How to Create Standout Full Vehicle Wrapping

Outdoor advertising is more than just billboards these days. There are a lot of creative ways to spread the word about your product or service!

Vehicle wrapping is a newer trend, but one that has advanced rapidly over the last ten years or so. If you've never heard of it before, here are the basics: gigantic decals are applied to a vehicle. The designs may cover everything (including windows) but must still provide driver visibility. The vinyl wrap must be weather and light resistant and must adhere to the vehicle but can still be easily removed without damaging the vehicle's paint job.

Vehicle wrap advertising is frequently seen in high traffic areas, during rush hour. Yes, some people are paid to drive their wrapped cars or trucks around a certain area at a certain time of the day. Bus wraps became available in the mid 1990s; personal vehicle wraps became more popular around 2000. Just imagine the power of a fleet of vehicles wrapped with your logo and contact information! Even if you only wrap company vehicles (and not independent drivers) you've got a mobile advertising fleet, that's guaranteed to grab attention for your brand.

A vehicle wrap can be a serious investment -- a few thousand dollars, at least -- but you're getting an average of three years of life on each wrap. Studies on the effectiveness of vehicle signage have found that a wrapped car can make more than eight million impressions in a year!

Other vehicle advertising, like taxi tops and magnetic signs, again help turn your advertising dollar into a mobile effort. Outdoor media -- unlike radio, newspaper, or other traditional advertising -- can reach the entire spectrum of people in your area. People who have long commutes are hard to reach with print ads, because so much of their free time is spent on the road.


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