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Depending on what your company does, you may not need a full vehicle wrap to get your brand and message across, a simple magnetic sign that sticks to your van or car can be just as effective and better value for money.


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How to Create Standout Vehicle Signage

Why choose magnetic signage for your vehicle fleet?

Take every opportunity to promote your business and that includes whilst you are driving and are parked! Did you know the average mileage for a company vehicle is 19,000?? That’s a lot of time spent out in public raising brand awareness of your company.

Cost effective marketing

Magnetic vehicle signs are relative cheap in comparison with full vehicle wraps but can be just as effective. Remember less is more in this situation, people can’t read a phone number and remember is whilst you whizz past them at 60 mph but they can memorize a web address.

The other good reason to use magnetic signs rather than a full wrap is the fact that you can change your message quickly and easily with minimal outlay – Hiring? Taking on new clients? Got a special offer? Chop and change according to your business need. This is especially applicable if you have leased vehicles where the vehicle will need to be returned in the same condition as when leased.

Durable and effective

Good quality magnetic vehicle signs are produced and printed to last. Not only being fully water proof but also fade resistant. Check that you are getting a good quality material to ensure your sign will look as good as new all the time before purchasing.

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