There are so many ways to maximize the potential and profit from your menu printing! Here are more tips for custom printed menu design that can help increase your restaurant’s success.

  • Pretend you are a customer when you look at your menu. Do the pictures inside actually look like what you’re getting? Is it easy to find what you want -- appetizers, sandwiches, desserts, and more? When you eat out, compare that restaurant’s menu to your own. Which is more appealing? Which is more effective?
  • Make your children’s menu interesting and appetizing! Don’t think of a children’s menu as a throwaway section. Design it as you would the rest of your menu, keeping your company branding and personality in mind. The parents will be looking at this section to find a healthy selection for their children.
  • Keep your food descriptions economical. You don’t have a lot of space to work with in menu design… and only about a third of your menu actually gets read by each customer. Make descriptions short but evocative.
  • Make sure to include a menu with every take out order. You want to get your menu out there and in front of people. Sending lunch to an office? Be sure to slip in more than one menu in case somebody wants to take one home. Keep take out menus handy at the cashier’s counter or near the entrance.
  • Print your specials instead of reciting them. Give a copy of the day’s specials to each table or include a special insert; this gives customers the leisure to think about the specials while they peruse the menu. If you simply have your wait staff rattle off the list, you may not give your customers enough time to think about whether or not they want to give the specials a try.
  • Use actual pictures of your offerings, not clip art. Which one of these sounds better: a cartoonish graphic of a chicken dinner or the real thing, artfully arranged on a plate with a baked potato and vegetables? Give your menu printing more visual impact with actual pictures of your menu items.
  • Use columns to help your image. A single column of offerings on a page conveys a feeling of elegance. A double column of offerings has a more relaxed, casual feel. Decide what image is right for your menu printing.
  • Make it easy to change pricing. You don’t want to have to reprint everything to change one price, do you? Talk to your printing professional about options for easy price changes -- a winning printer will have lots of ideas for your menu printing.
  • Don’t arrange menu items by price. If you list things in price order, it becomes too easy for your customers to find something inexpensive and ignore everything else. Mix it up to make your customers read more menu items and make more of an effort to shop by price. They just might get distracted by a higher priced item that sounds more appealing.

When you look for menu printing services, keep these Ten Essential Elements For Menu Printing in mind. Take a look at your current menu; does it measure up to these guidelines? A menu redesign can help boost stagnant or declining sales by up to ten percent.

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