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Brochure Design Tips

Are you ready to design brochures that really stand out? Try these design tips.

  1. Make sure your message is right on the first page. Too many readers don’t go beyond the first page — as much as 80 percent of readers don’t get beyond the headline.
  2. Use one illustration on the cover, rather than several. One large image will make a stronger impact than many small ones.
  3. Make sure your logo is included!  And use the same logo and other design elements in all your advertising — this helps establish a brand.
  4. Use photos instead of hand-drawn illustrations. Photographs suggest reality to readers, and tend to be remembered better.
  5. Always put a caption with each photograph. After the headline, the picture captions are the most-read part of any brochure, sales letter, or other mailing.
  6. Make sure you give readers the facts. Include all the important details a customer may need to know — cost, store hours, and other details.

Last but not least — always tell your reader the action you want them to take. Do you want the people who read the brochure to visit your website? Call?  Send back a survey? Everything you send must include a clear call to action. It may seem pushy or too obvious to ask for an action directly, but if don’t ask, no one may ever do what you want.

David Ji

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