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Are You Ready For A Business Makeover?

Makeovers are pretty popular these days — for people, for homes, for families, and for
careers. So why not try a makeover of your business and advertising?
The pros:
A makeover gives you a new outlook, if you’re feeling stalled or in a rut.
A makeover gives you a fresh start, if you’ve had some setbacks in the past.
Fresh signage and advertising, can give your business a jumpstart!
A makeover may attract new customers, who didn’t notice you before.
The cons:
You have to be willing to take a big risk, in changing your image.
You’ll have to redesign everything at once, for the best impact — a piecemeal image
change won’t make as big an impression. So that can mean a big chunk of your
advertising budget, gets used up in a short amount of time.
You may have to part with a logo or ad campaign that you’re extremely fond of.
To start, take a look at your logo. How old is it? Have you had the same logo since the
day you opened your doors? Starting your makeover with your logo, will help you come
up with a unified image for your storefront, business cards and other printed materials,
vehicles, and even uniforms.
If you’ve been using the same logo and same colour scheme for too long, people can get too
used to it. They can tune it out — your business and advertising become just part of the
scenery. It may take a dramatic makeover to make potential customers sit up and take
notice. But even a small change — like changing your logo colours — can make a
Some new, exciting ideas to consider in your business makeover:
Illuminated signs can draw attention to your location day and night, whether
you’re open or closed.
Large banners or murals on your exterior walls — especially on the sides, where
you may not already have a sign — can attract attention from all directions.
Vertical banners on stands can make your store-front or interior, look new and
Window graphics can make your storefront colourful and exciting!
Vehicle graphics turn your business vehicles into a mobile advertising force.
Design a logo that looks good HUGE (like on a banner) and small (like on your
business card) to create uniformity throughout your media. Think about contrasting
colours for their eye-catching power.
The whole point of advertising is to attract new customers… right? If your potential customers
have been looking at the same signs and the same storefront for ten years or more,
they’re looking right past you. Tradition is important, but not so important that you
should let an old logo or old advertisement hold back your business.

David Ji

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