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Graphic Design Services

If you aren’t comfortable with graphic design, don’t worry. There are lots of graphic designers out there to help you! This guide can help you select a graphic design service that is right for you and your business.

The Basics

Your top criteria for selecting a graphic design service should be the practical ones:

  • What exactly do you need done? There is a pretty big difference between hiring someone for a simple logo design and choosing a graphic designer to create your next marketing campaign.
  • What is your budget for the project? Your finances can be the biggest limitation in your search for a graphic design service. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than one estimate on your project, or an isolated part of your project.
  • What is your timeline for the project? You may be limited to graphic designers who are available to start immediately if you are on a tight schedule.

More Things To Consider

Your graphic design service isn’t just there to create a pretty picture. Your designer should also understand marketing. Your designer should be able to explain how the image speaks to viewers, and what response you can expect.

  • Experience. An independent designer may be just starting out, or may be working as a freelancer after years with an established firm. Graphic designers aren’t licensed or certified, so anyone (regardless of experience) can call themselves a graphic designer. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential graphic designers questions about their training and experience.
  • Talent. Some people are born with it; some people learn it. Find a graphic designer who creates pieces that you like. Ask to see a portfolio and/or talk to other clients. The right talent can be more important than years of experience.
  • Professionalism. Your graphic designer should know the ins and outs of the design industry, and be familiar with basic customs and procedures.
  • Time. A graphic designer who is overbooked with clients may not be able to spend enough time with you and your project.
  • Interest. Finding a graphic designer who is interested in your company and your project means you’ll have enthusiasm in your corner.
  • Size. Size of the graphic design firm doesn’t always make a difference… but if you are looking for a wide range of services, you may have better luck with one large company, rather than a single freelancer. And there’s something to be said for teamwork — several people working together on your project may come up with something that one person alone might not.
  • Details. Not just in the artwork but all over. Is your potential graphic designer on
    time for your appointment? Is he or she neatly dressed, clean, and articulate?

Does he or she treat you and your staff with respect? The little details of how a person acts can tell you a lot about how your working relationship will go.

One Last Thing

After you’ve chosen a graphic design service, trust them. Chances are, you’re hiring a graphic design pro because it isn’t your area of expertise. Trust your graphic designer to do their work… and you can concentrate on yours. This doesn’t mean you have to just take what they give you and not have any input! It does mean that your designer is making certain choices based on knowledge and experience. Ask questions and offer input, but know that certain things that “look good” to you may not be the best design choice.

David Ji

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