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How to find a great printing services company

Wouldn’t it be great to find a perfect printing services company that truly understands
your wants and needs, genuinely treats you like a friend, has the experience and ability to
provide a quality product at a competitive price in a timely fashion and offers a complete
printing service in all areas.
If you are planning a printing project and need some help, here are some tips for you to
choose the best printing services company for your marketing, entertainment or personal
Choose “total” value
— Choose a printing company based on the overall value you receive, NOT just because
they have the lowest price. Value= Quality + Service + Price. Total Value is all three.
Quality, Service and Price!
Every company is different
— Contrary to what a lot of people think, printing is not just running paper through a copy
machine. It takes craftsmanship to turn out quality printing. Every printing company is
different. Make sure you take time to find a printing services company that will get your
job done right the first time. And on time!
Communicate, ask questions
— Communication is the key to choosing the best printing service for you. Ask what type
of work they print. Ask to see samples. Ask what their average turnaround time is. Ask if
they work weekends. Ask if they offer tips to make your printing go more smoothly. Ask
any other questions that are unique to your needs. After you ask your questions, it will
become obvious which printing service you should choose.
The first impression counts
— Your printed piece reflects your business image, the first impression counts. No matter
how large or small your printing requirements are, the printing service you choose should
have the resources to produce the best quality products while reducing production time
and expenses. A good printing company will prove to you they are the best printer to do
your work.
Seek guarantees
— Choose a printing services company that unconditionally guarantees their work. If it’s
not printed right and it’s their mistake, they will re-run your job at no charge.
All services under one roof
— Choose a printing services company that offers a complete printing service in all areas
of printing. Yes, it means the printing services company has the ability to offer traditional
offset printing, digital printing, even the new wide format printing for your display
requirements to save you both time and money. Another advantage of dealing with a one

stop printing services company is that all your business printing material, colors, fonts
and style will remain consistent .
Look for all round expertise
— Make sure you choose a printing services company that truly understands the
importance of effectively marketing your business to your potential customers. They need
to have the ability to question things and offer suggestions rather than simply printing
whatever they are given. With a limited budget you can make your marketing dollars
stretch further.

David Ji

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